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How to transfer/download/write fingerprint data to the others AR-837EF?
No. S00205005-EN

Serial NO.: S00205005-EN

Date of Editing: 2022-09-26


Please follow the steps below to copy registered fingerprints/faces to another controller:

Fingerprint/face data → Stored on computer → Copied to another controller

Step1. Login 701Sever, click LAN and select Node ID, controller model and IP Address
(TCPIP connection setting details please refer to Chapter 6.2 of 701ServerSQL Manual )

Step2. Select E Series Controller Parameter Setting

Step3. Read fingerprint/face data from 701Server 
(1) Select Node ID 001
(2) Click [Read from Controller]
(3) Input user address range (e.g. users 1~10)
(4) Click [Read Finger/Face]

(5) The system will generate fingerprint file into 701Server folder automatically, the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\701Server.
※ Fingerprint file introduction:
AR-837-EF-9DO / AR-881-EF9DO user address 0001 fingerprint file is “FP00001.FP5”.

Step4. Write fingerprint data to another AR-837EF (Node ID 002)
※Please remind that 701ServerSQL fingerprint setting must download before selecting the options of “Just card control” and “Just fingerprint” in 701ClientSQL, or the options will be covered(Just card/Just Face/FP).

(1) Select Node ID 002 
(2) Click [Read from Controller]
(3) Input [User Range] (e.g. user address from 1-2)
(4) Click [Write Finger/Face]
(5) It will display “1Controller(s)/2user(s)/2template(s)!” in status field when the download is done.

5. Enable “Just fingerprint” or “Just Card” (default value is fingerprint and card both required)

* AR-837EF has default value fingerprint and card to open door, you can choose “Just fingerprint” or “Just Card” function by yourself.
* The function can be enabled by keypad command or 701Client.

Method1. Use 701Client to setup “Just Face/FP” or “Just Card”

(1) Select [8.User Card Edit] in tool bar
(2) Select user address 
(3) Select “Lock” to prevent from new event log change the user address (only happened in Controller of Node ID 001)
(4) Tick up “Just Face/FP” or “Just Card”
(5) Save and Download

※ Consecutive users can setup “Just fingerprint” or “Just Card” in one time by Card Copy Function, please refer to following step (6) ~ (8)

(6) Select the first user (use the user 00001 as example) that need to setup “Just Face/FP” or “Just Card”

(7) Select Tools Box > Card Copy

(8) Input “Start Addr” and “End Addr”, and tick up Access Mode

※ Access Mode include the function options as below:

(9) Press “YES” and done

Method 2. Use keypad to setup “Just Face/FP” or “Just Card”

Please refer to the table below to setup (1) Access Mode and (2) Finger Identify (837EF Only), to achieve different access requirement.


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