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Why did 701Client report always show “Controller online/offline” Message and some transaction log can not ...?
No. S00302003-EN

Serial NO.: S00302003-EN

Date of Editing: 2013-04-02


After Connect TCP reader in 701Server, but 701Client report always show “Controller online/offline” Message alternately and also some transaction log can not be received timely

• Problem Solving:
Situation1: The problem is likely caused from two PC connected with the same TCP reader
 As below picture shown abnormal situation,two PC connected to the one controller at the same time and will conflict to connect and receive data from the controller ,that will cause the controller show continuously switch online /offline connection and can not receive all of event log in one of PC

Solution1: According to connected IP address to find out another PC, remove 701 setting in another PC

The problem is also likely caused from unstable Network, please continue to Ping IP to check network quality

Command Format:
Ping IP-Address –n times

Ping –n 20
Input times to continuously ping to test network stability;

Round-trip time: time=1ms , TTL=64

Packet 0% lost –stable

Packet Lost – stable



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