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How to transform master card back to general mifare card?
No. S01001001-EN

Required/Applied Condition: 323DMaster, AR-323D,AR-321W

Function: transform master card back to general card

Problem Description: When you just have two master card ,not any general mifare card,

How to open the hotel lock.

Problem Solving:

For example, I have a hotel lock demo board with two master card. with num 25113, 37166 and 25450,03796

  1. Connect demo board to PC by converter and make sure the demo board are online through 701server.
  2. Logout 701server/client,  execute “323DMaster” , select right COM Port and Node ID ( 323D with default node ID 001 , 321W with node ID 002 in your demo kit)
  3. Click “Read”

The Master card num 25113, 37166 and 25450,03796 will be show in the space instead of 0,0

That mean you have success to read the master card num from hardware to PC

4. Erase the first num 25113,37166 and input 0, 0 , and save the second num 25450,03796  then click “write” that mean you have write card num 00000,00000 into the hotel lock 323D.

4. Cut off power through demo board switch,

5. Switch the power to “on” status again .

6. Try to present the card in 323D, if 323D beep twice with red that mean you have success to change the master card into general mifare card.

7. Use your another master card to add the mifare card to become valid card.

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