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How to Upgrade Firmware via BootLoader Mode on E Series Controller
No. S01301003-EN

Serial NO : S01301003-EN

Date of Editing :  2014-12/24

Questions : How to Upgrade Firmware via BootLoader Mode on E Series Controller


Problem Description:

E Series Controller get problem (eg ; hang up , data disorder ~~) and could not upgrade firmware through Normal TCP-IP mode ( Eg: even if reset the default IP )

E Series Controller included AR-725E-V2/829E-V5/ 881EF/ 821EF-V5/ 727H-V5/ 837E/ 837EF)

Problem Solving:

E controller can be upgraded firmware by entering  Bootloader  Mode.

You can follow the below details steps and picture to upgrade:


  1. Cut off the controller’s power supplier

  1. Pressing the “Reset” button for a hold and then repower the controller at the same time.

  1. Let your finger leave, then check the front of controller,  if “ERR” led flash red fast as the below picture, That mean the controller have entered Bootloader mode ,

  1. The default boot loader address is ;After excute “UDPUpdater” tools for upgrarding,

          The first step we suggest to do is to Scan IP “128” to make sure above steps correctly

  1. Update the firmware via normal steps

a. Input the default boot loader address:, Port 1604

b. Select model name for E series controller

c. Load the firmware of the controller you want to upgrade

d. Click “Update Device” to update

e. till the status windows show “Firmware Update is Completed!”

  1. After firmware update is completed, LCD screen will recover the normal status.

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