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Why there pops up a warning window "Same UID with XX" when Edit User Card on 701 Client?
No. S00305037-EN

Serial NO.: S00305037-EN

Date of Editing: 2017-06-01


When edit user card on 701Client, there will pop-up a warning window “Same ID with XX” sometimes.  
As the below example, when we click UP Button ^ to edit card from User Num1 to User Num2, the software will pop-up an warning window “Same ID with 01” to block the next operation.

• Problem Solving:
Actually it is a new function on the new version of 701client after 2017. The purpose of Warning is to remind you there is Same Card ID that has been registered in different User Num.
1.    Type Card Number “28562” on the blank colum.
2.    Click Icon to Search
3.    The result will be listed at the below space. we could see that both User 1 and User 50 has been registered the same Card Number 00089:28562
4.     Click to Select User50 and then change different Card ID for User 50.
The Warning Window will be disappeared and recover the normal operation.

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