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How to improve polling efficiency via replacing H series controller with E series controller?
No. S00206016_EN

Serial NO. : S00206016-EN

Date of Editing : 2021-07-09

Questions :  How to improve polling efficiency via replacing H series controller with E series controller?


In large access system configuration, polling efficiency will be affected by controller number, here we recommended three solutions to solve the issue:

Solution1. Use “active push communication” function to replace traditional polling

Solution2. Modify the polling interval of 701ServerSQL

Solution3. Enable the multi-area mode


 H SeriesE SeriesAR-716-E16AR-716-E16
Solution 1XVVV
Solution 2XVVX
Solution 3VVVV

  Solution1. Enable the multi-area mode 

701ServerSQL supports multi-area after version 10(area00-15, total 16 areas), the software will change the polling operation from one by one to multiple area receiving simultaneously



10.3 version and before10.3 version and after

32 units without Multi-Area polling controller one by one.

32 units divided 16 Area, each Area polling 2 units of controller.

Means software could polling all of 16 Area at the same time so

to polling 32 units access controller in 16 Area the polling speed

has increased 16 times.


Multi-area setting function: How to enable multi-area mode?

Solution2. Use “active push communication” function to replace traditional polling

In the past, the polling function is server ask each controller actively, so that the controller number will affect the polling efficiency. Therefore, E Series controller has perfectly solve the situation via “Active Push Communication” function, controller will automatically send the message to the assigned IP address, decreasing the polling time of server.


A. E series controller with firmware version 4.4 or after

B. 701ServerSQL & 701ClientSQL version 10v5 or after

C. At least one static IP required in one area


1. Confirm 701ServerSQL TCP Link

Step 1. 701ServerSQL > select COM

Step 2. Search the value of 701ServerSQL IP/Port

*The value of local IP address searching please refer to 701ServerSQL manual p4-1-48, port value 1631 is adjustable.

2. Parameter setting in website

Step 1. Open the website and input default IP address to enter setting page

Step 2. Press [Controller Parameters]

Step 3. Input default account: SuperAdm / password: 721568

(old controller model has account: admin / password: empty)

Step 4. Input door number (101 for instance)

Step 5. Press [Update]

Step 6. Press [Network Setting]

Step 7. Setup the area- Area ID [0] / Controller node id- Node ID [101] / Local IP-Server IP [] / Port-1631

Step 8. Press [Update]

Step 9. Restart the controller



2-3 Parameter setting in 701ServerSQL

Step 1. Press [COM]

Step 2. Select the area

Step 3. Tick up [TCP/IP Only]

Step 4. Tick up [Enable Event Polling]

Step 5. Press [Save Current Area]

Step 6. Press [Yes]


Step 7. Press [LAN]

Step 8. Select the area

Step 9. Select node range to [096-103]

Step 10. Select controller model, tick up IP address, input or controller IP address, input port number 1621 (Please do not tick up the node ID)

Step 11. Press [Yes]

*Now we couldn’t confirm the connection status in LINE (because of node ID option is ticked off), please refer to following steps to confirm online status:

Step1. Press [E series controller parameters setting]

Step2. Select the area and controller Node ID

Step3. Press [Read from controller]

Step4. [E-controller Firmware Ver:4.4] means controller is online and could be read / write parameters




Card presentation on the controller will immediately transmit the event log to 701ClientSQL through the operation above, not required to wait for the polling procedure of 701ServerSQL, improving the message receiving efficiency significantly.



  Solution3. Modify the polling interval of 701ServerSQL  

Step1. 701ServerSQL > COM

Step2. Modify the interval, minimum value is 100ms, default value is 500ms

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