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How to improve the response speed of card machine messages and how to connect to a dynamic IP device.
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Serial NO. : S00206016-EN

Date of Editing : 2021-07-09

Questions :  How to improve the response speed of card machine messages and how to connect to a dynamic IP device.


Method 1: Enable Multi-Zone Mode(Each zone has its own independent Com Port and TCP/IP communication interface, allowing simultaneous connection and management of various access control devices and I/O devices from 16 different zones, greatly improving communication speed).

Method 2: The message receiving method has been changed from polling mode to active receiving mode, which has improved the receiving speed and connection to devices with dynamic IP addresses.(Using Network-Based Card Reader Architecture)

Method 3: Adjust and shorten the proactive query interval of 701ServerSQL.



In large access control system architectures, the overall reception speed can be compromised due to a high number of card readers, causing a slowdown in server performance. This article provides three methods to enhance the overall reception speed. Please refer to the following:


 H SeriesE SeriesAR-716-E16AR-716-E18
Solution 1XVVV
Solution 2XVVX
Solution 3VVVV

  Solution1. Enable Multi-Zone Mode 

When the number of management controllers exceeds dozens, the efficiency of querying reception using traditional polling mode is poor. In such cases, the remote controller's active connection mode can be used to accelerate the real-time retrieval of card swipe records from each controller. Starting from version 10v, the 701ServerSQL software supports multi-zone mode (00-15, total of 16 zones). In this mode, the software receives data synchronously from card readers in each zone, which differs from traditional polling and improves reception efficiency. The following describes the architecture change:


10.3 version and before10.3 version and after

32 units without Multi-Area polling controller one by one.

32 units divided 16 Area, each Area polling 2 units of controller.

Means software could polling all of 16 Area at the same time so

to polling 32 units access controller in 16 Area the polling speed

has increased 16 times.


Multi-area setting function: How to enable multi-area mode?

Solution2.  The message receiving method has been changed from polling mode to active receiving mode, which has improved the receiving speed and connection to devices with dynamic IP addresses. 

Traditional polling mode involves the server sequentially querying each card reader for new event records. However, when the number of card readers is high, the reception speed can be compromised. To accelerate the retrieval of real-time event records from each card reader, the E-series card reader's TCP active communication mode can be utilized. In this mode, when an event occurs, it is immediately transmitted to a specified IP address, significantly reducing server reception time. It is the optimal solution for large-scale access control management system architectures. The prerequisites for active real-time.

In the absence of a fixed network, by setting the Node ID and port of the network (IP) controller, once the dynamic IP connection is successful, a continuous connection can be established until the next IP change. During operation, whenever a card swipe message is transmitted, the system can immediately obtain the new IP address of that controller.

Communication are as follows:

A.The device must be a network (IP) type controller.

B.The controller Node ID and port must be configured as a priority.

C. Enterprise Edition (E-series) controller/TCP module firmware version 4.4 or above

D. 701ServerSQL & Client SQL version 10V5 or later


1. Verify 701ServerSQL TCP Link

Step 1: Open 701ServerSQL > Select COM

Step 2: Retrieve the IP/Port values of 701ServerSQL, which will be needed for later input in the browser.

*The value represents the computer's IP address (refer to the manual page 4-1-48 for instructions on how to find the local computer's IP address), and the default Port is 1631 (modifiable).

Step 3. Click [Network Setting].

Step 4. Example configuration

  • Area ID [0], 
  • Node ID [101], 
  • Local IP-Server IP []
  • Port [1631].

Step 5. Click [Update]

Step 6. Click [Controller Parameters]

Step 7. Door Number [101]

Step 8. Click [Update] 

2-2 Web-based Configuration of Controller Parameters

Step 1. Check [Enable Event Polling].

Step 2. Local IP-Server IP [] / Port [1631].

Step 3. Click [Save Current Area].

Step 4. Click [OK].

Step 5. Open [LAN].

Step 6. Select the zone.

Step 7. Switch the display range to [096-103].

Step 8. Choose the controller model, check the IP option, enter or a fixed IP in the IP address field, and enter Port 1621 (no need to check the station number).

Step 9. Click [OK].


Card presentation on the controller will immediately transmit the event log to 701ClientSQL through the operation above, not required to wait for the polling procedure of 701ServerSQL, improving the message receiving efficiency significantly.


If not all devices are connected remotely, when the "Enable Event Polling" option is selected and the remote card reader is set to actively return messages, once the connection is established, messages can be polled.

After the controller is connected, the Node ID should be selected.

In the event of a controller disconnection, the server will send a notification message, allowing monitoring of the controller's connection status at any time.



  Solution3. Adjusting 701ServerSQL Active Query Interval  

Step1. Go to 701ServerSQL > COM.

Step2. Modify the active communication interval. The minimum setting value can be adjusted to 100ms.



Checklist for Inspection 

ConfirmationItemCheck Content
1.Enabling Multi-Zone Mode in a large-scale access control architecture.
2.Method 2:The devices must use IP-based controllers.
3.Method 2:Prioritize configuring the controller's station number and port.
4.Method 2:Enable the option for actively querying controller information.
5.Adjust the Polling interval for 701ServerSQL.
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