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How to connect WG reader with E Series Controller for Dual door control?
No. H03017004-EN

Serial NO : H03017004-EN

Date of Editing :  2015-07-28

Questions : How to connect WG reader with V5 Series Controller for Dual door control?


SOYAL E Series Controller included AR-725-E, 837-E/EF, 881-EF is built-in two DI input for Exit, two DO output for Door relay, so that they can connect WG reader to control dual door

Note: two doors share the same Alarm Output

Step1  Use the built-in Relay of Controller for the 1st door control, wiring for 3 kinds of lock as below


Step2  Connect one External Relay for 2nd door Lock, wiring for 3 kinds of lock as below


Step3  Disable “Share Door relay” option via Parameter setting of 701Server or Hardware

            Default setting with “Share Door Relay” enable is used for one door control;

            For Dual Door Control, please disable “Share Door Relay” option, then when presenting valid card to WG reader or pressing Exit button for Door2, External Relay will be triggered to open lock for Door2.

Method1:  Disable “Share Door relay” via 701Server for all E Series Controller included AR-725E-V2, 837E/EF, 829EV5, 821EF-V5, 881EF

Method2: Disable “Share Door relay” via Hardware

For LCD Type Controller included AR-837E/EF, 829EV5, 821EF-V5

4. Parameters(2) ---> 3. Miscellaneous ---> Select 0: NO


For without LCD Type Controller included AR-725E-V2, 881EF, use complicated command 24* to Disable


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