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How to Use Optional Voice Module on AR-837-E/EF & E Series Controller?
No. H03413003-EN

Serial NO. : H03413003-EN

Date of Editing : 2015-06-30

Questions :  How to Use Optional Voice Module on AR-837-E/EF & E Series Contro

Problem Solving :

SOYAL E Series Controller included AR-837E/EF, 829EV5,821EF-V5, 725E-V2, 881EF are able to connect SOYAL Optional “Voice Module” AR-721V to support Voice function; If the client need to integrate other Voice Module with AR-837EF, SOYAL will provide related protocol for development and integration

We use AR-837EF as example to show all procedure how to use Voice Module function

Step1 Hardware Assembly

Firstly, purchase Voice Module” AR-721V with 8 1.5W speaker, the default language of Voice module is Chinese/English

Or if the client think the volume of 8 1.5W is low, you can only purchase our Voice module AR-MDL-721V w/o speaker and then connect one external Audio Device (directly connect two Audio Cable from Audio Device to Audio Output Port of AR-MDL-721V Module)

Plug AR-721V cable on CN9 location and its speaker will be fixed on back housing

Step2 Enable Voice Module Procedure

There are two method to enable “Voice Module” port

Method 1:  Set up via hardware keypad

Quick Command  5.Tools--> 0. UART Port--> Select 3. Voice

Upgrade F/W Version : After APS837EF___V0303 150115.STM


Method 2:  Set up via Software 701Server/ V5 Parameter Setting

  1. Select Target Node
  2. Read Parameter from Controller
  3. Change RS485-3 Port From Default Lift Controlller to Card Reader/Voice Module
  4. Write new setting to Controller


Step3 Add User Alias and Download via 701Client

Step4 Test

Voice Module will speak User Alias when using registered fingerprint or card /password for access

and also speak when pressing any key for programming as Standalone mode.

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