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Smart Mailbox Management Application - One Controller Control 64 mailbox
No. H03513013-EN

Serial NO. : H03513013-EN

Date of Editing : 2019-10-25

Questions :  Smart Mailbox Management Application - One Controller Control 64 mailbox

Problem Solving :

Devices Requirement:

1. Controller AR-837Ev5*1

2. TTL/RS485 Converter AR-725L485*1

3. Mailbox I/O Module: AR-403-DI2MO2-IR ( old model name: AR-405MO2DI2-IR )*64

4.Electric Cabinet Lock AR-1213P*64

Firmware Requirement:

Controller FW Version:  APS837E____V0403_191016 USERNAME3_MAILBOX_64_MONI.STM

AR-403-DI2MO2-IR FW version : 401_MBox_V0300_191005.ISP

Software Requirement: Please download the newest Ver902 701software on SOYAL Website

Setting Procedure


1. It is fixed setting to use User Address {00000} for mailbox application.

2. Select the corresponding controller and node ID for download

3. Tick the corresponding Mailbox number ;

For example: Number 01 Mailbox01 = Node ID 001 of AR-403-DI2MO2-IR;

  Number 02 Mailbox02 = Node ID 002 of AR-403-DI2MO2-IR;

Number 03 Mailbox03 = Node ID 003 of AR-403-DI2MO2-IR;

 One controller can connect up to 64 Mailbox module for 64 mailbox management

4. Click “Write One” to write User 00000 setting to Controller.



Step2: Fill the corresponding Mailbox Number at User Alias field

For example User 200 would open Mailbox01 , please fill out 001 at its Alias field.




701Client report will receive the message for Mailbox-New Letter and Mailbox open too long ; these messages can be actively push to the 3rd party server for integration.


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