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How to connect and gather data between access control devices and the 701 software on different network subnets?
No. S00206017-EN

Serial NO : S00206017-EN

Date of Editing :  2021-09-01

Problem Solving :

Scenario: Installing SOYAL access control devices in different branch offices, with the 701 software installed in the headquarters to retrieve data.

The branch offices need to transmit data to the 701 software in the headquarters through an external network.

Firstly, the branch offices need to apply for a fixed external network WAN IP address.

Secondly, the routers in the branch offices must enable TCP port forwarding to allow external computers to connect to the access control devices under the routers. Each access control device must be configured with a different port number to correspond to its respective IP address.

Please refer to the architecture diagram below: The first device uses Port 1621, the second device uses Port 2621, the third device uses Port 3621, the fourth device uses Port 4621, and so on.

In the configuration interface of the 701 software in the headquarters, the fixed external network WAN IP address needs to be entered, followed by entering different port numbers in sequence to differentiate each device.


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