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Solve 701ServerSQL maintain logged in status when Windows Server / Win10 / Win11 auto restart
No. S00206018-EN

Serial NO. : S00206018-EN

Date of Editing : 2021-09-28

Questions :

Required/Applied Condition:
Installation of 701ServerSQL / 701ClientSQL in Windows Server


701ServerSQL is a resident software that usually starts up during boot. However, when multiple users share a computer, at least one user must be logged in to start the software set to start up with the computer. This is especially problematic when Windows is set to automatically update and restart the system after installation. In this case, 701ServerSQL may not start up, causing 701ClientSQL to fail to return record data. To solve the problem of 701ServerSQL failing to start up during Windows system boot, the Windows Service feature must be enabled to start up 701ServerSQL and 701ClientSQL without any user login.

※The installation file of 701ServerSQL after version 10V5 includes the activation file for Windows Service, which is stored in the "..\701Server\Server" path.

*Note: Below step is applied for PC with operating system Win 10/11

Problem Solving:
Step 1: Locate the Servicey folder in the path of 701 ServerSQL (C:\Program Files (x86)\701Server).

Step 2:Enter cmd or PowerShell and execute it (administrator privilege required).

sc.exe create "SOYAL701Server" binPath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\701Server\service\Soyal701Server.exe" displayname= "Service of 701ServerSQL" start= autosc.exe start "SOYAL701Server"


Step 3:Click on "Service701Server run as administrator.bat" to start it.

701ServerSQL will start up automatically without requiring a login approximately one minute after booting up.


Download the necessary installation files : 

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