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Employ/utilize fingerprint controller AR-837-EF to prevent from fake clocking?
No. S00206003-EN

Serial NO.: S00206003-EN

Date of Editing: 2022-10-11



In this configuration, the enterprise is probably using AR-837EF and AR-721H two controller models simultaneously, and the staff required to clock through AR-837-EF for time attendance, the staff could let someone take his card and clock for him. Therefore, we could use the setting as below to prevent the issue, limiting the staff can only use fingerprint to get access on AR-837EF, but can use card presentation on AR-721H.

Step1. Confirm the controller is online

Step2. Select E Series Controller Parameter Setting in 701ServerSQL

Step3. Select “Read from Controller”

Step4. Select Area and Node ID

Step5. Tick up “Free RF Check at Finger Access”

Step6. Select “Write to Controller”

Step7. Do not tick up “Just card control” & “Just fingerprint” in 701ClientSQL of 8. User Card Edit

Step8. Verification

Fingerprint can get access directlyRequired fingerprint after presenting card or PIN

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