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The reason that “Specify Door” or “Door Group” in I- View option of Report/History disappear?
No. S00315079-EN

Serial NO : S00315079-EN

Date of Editing : 2022-08-16


701ClientSQL has a new function starting from Ver. 10, so that we need to tick up the function “Enable Multi Area Mode” and modify the Door Area to display the Specify Door.

STEP 1 : Tick up the function of Enable Multi Area Mode” :

Select Setting in 701Client -->[System Parameter]-->tick [Enable Multi Area Mode (Area.Door)]


Step2. Change the Area Number

(1) After enable [Enable Multi Area Mode (Area.Door)] function, the door setting in old version will be assigned to Area 01.

The default area built-in 701ServerSQL is Area00, so that we need to modify the door area to Area00.

*SOYAL support 16 Areas for connecting to the Controller (Area00-15, totally 4096 pcs Controller can be connected simultaneously), and the system is setup that the Area 00 must have connected to the Controller before we activate other areas from Area 01-15.

(2) Because of the Area cannot be modified directly by Rename function, so the steps is as below:

Select “Add Door” -> Select Area 00 -> Input the door name and door number -> OK

(3) All doors’ area should be modified to 00

(4) The user card data must be re-download after the Area changed if Door Group function is enabled.

Steps: setup the door group -> select door group in 8. User Card Edit -> Save and Download

STEP 3: Select  I- View option of Report/History and the option will appear.


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