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How to undertake a case that had been encrypted by SOR?
No. I005029-EN

Serial NO.: I005029

Date of Editing: 2022-09-08

Questions:How to undertake a case that had been encrypted by SOR?


While undertaking a case that had been encrypted already, here we recommended six solutions as below:

1. Get authorization cards from the proprietor, using original authorization cards to encrypt new controller and cards. Ask the proprietor consulting original distributor when he lost the authorization card.

2. Directly cancel the original SOR encryption, and re-establish the authorization. Using new authorization card to encrypt original controller and new cards.

3. Directly cancel the original SOR encryption when the encryption is not required to that case. Reset the controller to read UID from the cards and re-establish card data, because of that the card numbers are not continuous.

The operation of encryption disabling:

1. Select controller model
2. Select COM port
3. Select Node ID
4. Press “Connect”
5. “Device Login OK!” will display after connection
6. Put the authorization card on the AR-725-P and waiting for status icon been changed.
7. Tick off “Check Open System Rules”
8. Press “Launch Device”
9. “Update Device Layer OK!” will display after complete the update

4. Multi-layer Operation Firmware

Firmware: 721HD_7V3 200227 SOR_跨經銷.ISP

This firmware could read multiple distributors’ encryption card, previous cards / controllers, not required to setup through previous layer.



- Original key A/B required

- All controllers required to update the same firmware

- Controller must equip with firmware 7v2 or after, new controller required when firmware is less than 7v2


5. Upgrade to DESFire chip for higher security requirement

Controller hardware is must be A.D.2014 or later, compatible to SOR configuration after firmware upgrading, previous encryption card is compatible to use in new DESFire configuration.

6. Distributor can purchase a DesFire card encoder (AR-837P) to do encryption efficiently.

7. Purchase encryption cards from SOYAL directly, save the cost of card encoder and the time to encode plenty of cards.

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