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How to set up parking space sharing mode? How to keep specified parking space for the manager?
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1. Introduction of Parking Space Sharing

2. Precautions

3. Application : N vehicles share N+1 parking spaces, setting up different layers to keep parking space
(1) 701Server Controller Parameter Setting
(2) 701Client User Data Edit

1. Introduction of Parking Space Sharing 

To achieve the demand of parking space extension without new parking lot, SOYAL Parking Space Sharing Function can easily solve the situation. For instance, dividing the Time Zone into Day Group and Night Group is equal to build a new parking lot in reality, the number of parking space will be doubled immediately. In addition, this function can also promote the user experience by E-Tag Signal Protection and LED Display Board.

While the amount of vehicle is larger than parking space, it is recommended to apply SOYAL Parking Space Sharing Function. This function not only share the parking space, but prevent from wasting space, and this function is required to set up Anti-pass-back Function in meanwhile, avoiding the parking space that be occupied by other people. The example is as below:


  • Parking space sharing and activated, enhancing the utilization rate of parking space.
  • Support LED Display Boards, easily know the parking space status by visible LED.
  • Support Time Zone restriction to achieve single parking space for multiple vehicles in different Time Zones.
  • Support intelligent filteration of E-tag system in both entry lane and exit lane, to avoid misjudging of the vehicle status. 
  • Elastic sharing parking space, adjustable vehicle number of different groups.

Compatibility: AR-716-E16 and H/E Series Controller

English Version  APS721Ev2__V0404_220311  5Tags Nspace 10000-14999.STM
Chinese Version  APS721Ev2__V0404_220311  5卡n車位 10000-14999.STM

Customized Firmware Versions -> Please contact with us :
(Specified version including display Alias and the time/ Welcome message after fixed seconds, parking space sharing with LED Display Board and etc.)

Architecture Diagram:
(1) Customized Firmware (5 Card N Space):

※ Parking lot application can select the recognition method by yourself (661UG only / LPR CAM only / 661UG plus LPR CAM, to enhance the efficiency of management and the security )

2. Precautions of the Parameters Setting 

(1) The user and the vehicle must be One-on-one:The label sticker UID number is the Card ID of each user address, so it must be one-on-one.
(2) Sharing Group: Five users sharing one group, and one group sharing N amount of parking space (the space amount is self-define), please refer to the examples.
(3) User Range of the Group: The system will automatically divide user address 10000-10004 to Group 1, and 10005-10009 will be Group 2, and so on.
(4) Anti-pass-back Setting: Controller and each User are both required to enable anti-pass-back function.

3. Example : N vehicles share N+1 parking spaces, setting up different layers to keep parking space for the manager. 
In this case, the enterprise only has fixed number of parking spaces in the commercial building (example group has 4 spaces for normal personnel, 1 specified space for the manager), including the specified parking space for the manager. Set up the parameters by following steps, then we could keep fixed number of parking spaces for the manager, excluding the probability of no parking space situation.

(1) 701Server Controller Parameter Setting

1-1 Modify the User Address Range:Parking space sharing mode is restricted to use user address range 10000~14999, but 701ServerSQL has default setting for maximum 5000 users. Therefore, please modify the maximum user number to 15000 first. Steps: Run 701ServerSQL -> Setting -> Time Attendance -> Select Maximum User to 15000.

1-2 Node ID Setting: Before connect controller to the multi-door control panel, we could set up the Controller Node ID by 701Server beforehand, or we can only modify the Node ID by the keypad. 
1-3 Tick up the Node ID:
E Series Parameter Setting > 721E16/Ev5, selecting the controller CH and Node ID.

 Controller Node IDLED Display Board Node ID
Entry 111
Exit 122
Entry 233
Exit 244

1-4 Tick up the Node ID: E Series Controller Parameter Setting > 716E16/Ev5, tick up the Channel that wired to the Controller.

1-5 Anti-pass-back Setting: Enable Controller Anti-pass-back Function and Select the Entry Door

(2) 701Client User Data Edit

Group 1 (User Address 10000-10004) has 4 parking space for sharing, and must keep one parking space for the manager. The setting of different layers (different PIN) as below can achieve the requirement :

While 3 normal staffs have entered the parking lot, 4th staff will get Invalid Card message and cannot enter the parking lot, but the manager can get access as usual.

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