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Why AR-727CM is online in website, but could not connect to 701ServerSQL?
No. H01117023-EN

Serial NO. : H01117023-EN

Date of Editing : 2021-07-09

Questions :  Why AR-727CM is online in website, but could not connect to 701ServerSQL?


If your device is online status in the website, it represent that the operation of TCP/IP works normally, please refer to Paragraph 8-4-2 of 701ServerSQL Manual to confirm the configuration of AR-727CM, then following the solutions below to solve connection issue.

 Old configuration,disconnect suddenlyNew device cannot connect
Solution 1VV
Solution 2XV
Solution 3VV

Solution1. Confirm the Connection Information

(1) Please confirm whether the port of 727CM has been occupied by other devices, the default value is CH1/Port1621 and CH2/Port1623, it should display one 1621 port being connected in red frame field only.

*AR-727CM shall display 1621 port is connected by one IP Address while plenty of controllers are connected.


(2) Confirm the version of AR-727CM, if your version is between 5.0-5.2, it should be update to version 5.3 to repair the connection issue.

Solution2. Confirm the Wiring of AR-727CM and Controller


Firstly, we should confirm the wiring is correct, the malfunction of RS-485 communication of specific controller will cause the disconnection; if all controllers are disconnected, then please check whether the wiring is too antiquated.

*Also can use volt‑ohm‑milliammeter to confirm the voltage, above 3V is normal status.

Solution3. Confirm the Configuration

There is a possibility that the configuration of wiring is correct but the length is too long, it is recommended to add an AR-485REP-V3 per 300 meter, refer to the on-site interference.

>> AR-485REP-V3

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