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How to modify the access PIN of SOYAL H/E series controllers?
No. I005034-EN

Serial NO. : I005034-EN

Date of Editing : 2022-12-20

Questions : How to modify the access PIN of SOYAL H/E series controllers?


1. Introduction

2. Precaution

3. The procedure of access PIN modification

(1) H series controller (AR-721H / AR-725-H / AR-321H / AR-888H)

(2) E series controller with keypad only (AR-725E / AR-331E)

(3) E series controller with LCD screen (AR-837E / AR-727E / AR-327E)


1. Introduction 

This FAQ is customized to general users, if you had rent an office or apartment with SOYAL controller and required to modify the relevant password, please refer to the flow chart below to do the modification.

(1) Distribution Partner >> Official Distribution Partner Searching

(2) Controller Model >> SOYAL Controller / Reader Model Content

(3) Full Command of each Controller >> Manual Downloading

(4) Frequently-used Controller Manual:

AR-321H-331H-721H-725H-757H ManualAR-837E-EF-ER ManualAR-725E Manual

2. Precaution 

(1) Master Code:

Before modifying the access PIN, it is required to enter programming mode via inputting Master Code firstly.

The default value of Master Code is *123456#, if the previous tenant didn’t provide the code and using default value is unavailable to log in programming mode (only beep two sounds and flashing red light), please search for the nearest distributor in your country directly to modify the Master Code via SOYAL software.

(2) Controller Mode:

While entering program mode successfully, the controller will beeps for 4/6/8 sounds which means the controller is M4/M6/M8 mode, the access PIN setting is different in each mode.

(3) Public PIN / Private PIN:

All users have a mutual PIN while using M6 mode (Standalone); each user has a private PIN while using M4/M8 mode (Networking/Standalone), 701ClientSQL will display the access user information and access by PIN when the controller has been connected to the PC.

It is also available to set a public PIN in M4/M8 mode, just setting the PIN of a user address individually.

(4) Access Mode:

The function of “Card or PIN” means using valid card only or using PIN only are both available; The function of “Card and PIN” means card presentation and PIN are both required.

(5) Access PIN:

It is required to input 4-digit PIN when getting access in M6/M8 mode; it is required to input 5-digit user address and 4-digit PIN consecutive (9-digit in total).


3. The procedure of access PIN modification 

(1) H Series Controller (AR-721H / AR-725-H/ AR-321H/ AR-888H):

(2) E Series Controller with Keypad only (AR-725E /AR-331E):

(3) E Series Controller with LCD Screen (AR-837E /AR-727E /AR-327E):

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