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How to set up free access of specific floors when using Floor Control Panel AR-401-IO-0016R?
No. H03117004-EN

Serial NO. : H03117004-EN

Date of Editing : 2022-12-19

Questions :How to set up free access of specific floors when using Floor Control Panel AR-401-IO-0016R?

Introduction :

SOYAL H/E series controller are all capable of access floor controlling while configuring with the Multi-door Control Panel AR-401-IO-0016R. Connecting AR-401-IO-0016R to the original lift control panel is available to control all lift buttons.

(Details including wiring and setting please refer to >>  AR-401-IO-0016R Manual)

While having specific floors required to be free access (e.g. all floors are capable of pressing the floor button of first floor of the building), it is available to refer following functions:

Method1. Directly conduct the circuit, the lift panel is non-controlled by multi-door control panel; or connect the wiring of free access floor to COM point.

Method2. Modify the jumper of the relay to N.O. mode

* The N.O. /N.C. setting of DIP Switch 8 is the exclusive security function of SOYAL products, it is available to conduct the circuit directly while elevator power failure with N.O. setting, the people inside the lift could press the lift button normally when standby power system of the lift is working, preventing from trapped condition effectively.

Method3. Control the access floor via Lift Control software and Auto-lift firmware of controller

Introduction: It is available to set up the access time zone for each floor, totally 16 editable time zones are equipped to an E series controller, it is identical to free access while setting the time zone with the interval of 24 hours.

Lift Control software could be downloaded on SOYAL official website directly, and please contact us if you required the autolift specified firmware.

Parameter Setting Details >> Lift Control Manual

*Ex: 1~5 floors are free access for 24hrs during Monday to Friday.

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