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How to solve the issue of event logs loss of daily record? Why some event logs are not synchronized to Statistical Repor
No. S00310013-EN

Serial NO. : S00310013-EN

Date of Editing : 2023-02-21

Questions :  How to solve the issue of event logs loss of daily record? Why some event logs are not synchronized to Statistical Report?

Content :

There are some reasons will cause part of event logs are not synchronized to the Daily/Monthly Report, please refer to the document below:

Reason1. Opened Daily Report in advance.

Now we have to introduce the procedure of 701ClientSQL produce the Daily/Monthly Report, for instance, if we want to export the Monthly Report of February, we have to open all Daily Reports in advance to produce .dut files of 0201~0228, then we will have the data of duty file to execute the Monthly Report.

However, if the operator had executed the Daily Report at improper time, the system will produce an incomplete document of Daily Report, causing the final Monthly Report has wrong either.

The file of Daily Record and Daily Report:

The file of Monthly Report:


Press 5.Reflash to update the Daily Report. After reflashing wrong daily reports, it is available to execute Monthly Report again.

Reason2: Loss data packet / daily record had been delete manually.

It is a rare condition of packet loss, so that it is more possible someone had deleted the file manually, the solving method is as below:

Solution1. Setup the backup folder as second path


While having this condition, we need to cut the selected file of daily record and save it into an another folder, then copy the same file that had been backup in second folder, finally restart 701Server/Client to reflash the daily transaction and it will be available to check whether the data is unsynchronized.

First path:

Second path:

Solution2. Adjust the polling interval

Normally, the default value of polling interval will be set as 300-500ms, it is recommended to modify the interval up to 1000ms and above, reducing the conflict of data receive.

Solution 3. Modify export function as Daily Transfer in Time Attendance Edit

Here is the conflict that we reminded in Solution2 , the system have to export Time Attendance data in real-time while select “Run Time Transfer” rather than “Daily Transfer”

Therefore, except for large corporation required to import access data immediately, most of 3th party softwares will request for access data in specified time only, “Daily Transfer” and “Repeat Transfer” function have already met the requirement.

(1) “Run Time Transfer” –Export time attendance data in real-time.

(2) “Daily Transfer” - Export time attendance data in specified time on every day. (military time)

(3) “Repeat Transfer” - Export time attendance data with specified interval. (hours/minutes)

* “Repeat Transfer” function required to be selected with “Daily Transfer”.

* “Run Time Transfer” and “Daily Transfer” are not available to be selected simultaneously.

4. Modify the PORT of device

This function may happen when user had changed the PC he used to install 701Software, and old PC had not uninstalled the software, therefore the controller will send transaction logs to old PC while it being started.

Therefore, modifying the PORT of device may solve this problem.

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