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How to search the IP address of 727CM?
No. H01117004-EN

Serial NO. : H01117004-EN

Date of Editing : 2011-07-19

Questions :  How to search the IP address of 727CM?

Problem Solving :

Required/Applied Condition: When you don’t know the IP address of 727CM but Device Name, you want to search IP of 727CM.

Function: You can search IP of 727CM with Device Name.

1.Make sure the 727CM is operating and connecting to Network.

2.Execute the command prompt on Windows XP. You can click “Start” icon on PC > Click “Run” > Input “cmd” to execute the command prompt.

3.Type arp –d *, make sure to clean the IP address and MAC address. 

4.Type command “Ping device name” (the default device name is S2E-Device). If it has response, it will show the IP address. (Suggest you to set default device name as only device name in network)

Ex: If the device name is Soyal171

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