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How to use DHCP function for 727CM?
No. H01117005-EN

Serial NO. : H01117005-EN

Date of Editing : 2011-07-13

Questions :   How to use DHCP function for 727CM?

Required/Applied Condition:

When the default IP: has been occupied 

Dynamic configuration for IP address

Do not know how to set network options


When you use DHCP function, network setting such as IP address, will assign an unused IP for 727CM by DHCP server.

Problem Description:

Problem Solving:

There are two ways to active DHCP function by 727CM

A. Hardware setting:

  1.  Dip switch setting: the fourth switch is on.
  2. Turn on power for 727CM and PC
  3. Connect to Internet


B. Website setting:

1.  Turn on the 727CM and PC

2.  Connect to Internet

3.  Execute Internet explore

4.  Input IP address (the default setting is

5.  Input the user name and password

6.  Select Network

7.  Check DHCP Client then click “Update” button

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