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NumberQuestion titleRelease dateSee more
T003006-ENWhy the dialogue of TCP error pop up frequently, and 701Client couldn’t receive transaction logs?2021-06-21 See more
S00315023-ENHow to fix attendance data disorder caused by using emergency password for entry and exit on E series machines?2021-01-19 See more
S00302004-ENHow to handle the reconnect dialog box when SOYAL 701ClientSQL cannot be opened or connected to 701ServerSQL?2022-06-14 See more
S00301029-ENHow to backup and restore the settings of software and controller, including 701software parameter setting, card data...2020-12-22 See more
S00302001-ENController is online in 701ServerSQL, but 701ClientSQL has no transaction log?2022-08-12 See more
S00201025-ENHow to use different Windows accounts to login 701Server and 701Client in one PC? Why it shows “Reinstall program”?2022-05-05 See more
S0020201-EN701ServerSQL LANbased2022-01-18 See more
S00307019-ENHow to Enable/Disable Auto Open Zone Function with SOYAL Controller?2022-08-09 See more
S00315067-ENWhy it shows (M05)Door Group error in 701ClientSQL while presenting card?2021-01-25 See more
S00310013-ENHow to solve the issue of event logs loss of daily record? Why some event logs are not synchronized to Statistical Repor2023-02-21 See more
H03717006-ENHow to setup the door number of controller and reader in different configurations?2022-10-07 See more
S00206018-ENSolve 701ServerSQL maintain logged in status when Windows Server / Win10 / Win11 auto restart2021-09-29 See more
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