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New features of Area and Multi-Client PC, 701Server support H series parameter setting and Face Data Transfer, 701Client support Time Limit (Hour and Minutes)

Features701Server701ClientSoftware VersionHardware Version
Area and Multi-Client PCVV

• 701Server Ver. 701ServerSetup10v2 210108 and after

• 701Client Ver. 701ClientSetup10v2 210108 and after

No limitation
Supports H series parameter settingV 701Server Ver. 701ServerSetup10v2 210225 and afterH Series controller firmware ver. 7V1 and after
Supports face data transferV 701Server Ver. 701ServerSetup10v2 210224 and afterAPS837EF___V0403_210318 106F.STM (Ver. 4.35)
Controller supports time limit V701ClientSetup10v2 210312 and afterE Series controller and AR-716-E16 firmware ver. 4V3 dated 210312 and after

*To support all features listed above, both 701Server and 701Client must be under 10.2 Version. It is suggested to upgrade software to the latest software version:

701Server: 701ServerSetup10v2 210310 (only for 701Client 10V2).exe

701Client: 701ClientSetup10v2 210315(only for 701Server 10V2).exe

  • New Features of Area and TCP-LINK Server and Client

Previous version 701 Software only supports 254 access controllers or with additional control panel can support 4064 units (each control panel can connect 16devices). With additional Area features up to 16 Area in total, 701 Software can support up to 4064 access controllers or 65000 units with additional control panel.


When enabling Database Mode, 701Server set as Server mode can support multiple remote 701Client connections at the same time, provides centralized and unified system management that linked headquarter to branch office across the world. Through local or remote 701Client, you can edit data, obtain real time status, and generate reports synchronically.

  • 701 Server Support Home Series (H Series) controller parameter editing and Face Data Transfer

New version of 701Server supports Home Series (H Series) controller parameter setting and read/write setting. It will enable editing parameter setting easier mostly for keypadless controller.

Software Version: 701Server Ver. 701ServerSetup10v2 210225 and after

Hardware Version: Home Series must support minimum Ver. 7V1 and after.

  • Face Data Transfer:

Previous version only support fingerprint data transfer between PC to controller. With the addition release of Biometric Face Recognition Controller, the same menu can now be used for Face Data Transfer and setting up a security level before enrollment of face for full face access and access with face mask mode.

Software: 701Server Ver. 701ServerSetup10v2 210224 and after

Hardware: AR-837-EA firmware version APS837EF___V0403_210318 106F.STM (Ver. 4.35)

  • 701Client Support Time Limit (Hour and Minute)

To support application of QRCode controller that widely used as a visitor management on a single access and limited time access, 701Client support not only date limit but specific in hours and minutes.


Compatible Software and Device

  • Please upgrade your software into 10.2 Ver. For both 701Server and 701Client.
    For 701Client in specific, please download 701ClientSetup10v2 210312.exe version or after
  • Only Enterprise Series (E Series) & AR-716-16 control panel that support date and time limit features, device must be equipped with Ver. 4.3 210312 and after


Note: Activating time limit features for a particular user will enabling that user floor access restricted to 16 floors. Other user that is not set time limit feature will still follow the standard spec of access floor maximum 64 floors.


Time Limit Format

Time must be in 24hours format, hour and minute separate with ‘:’ character, between start and end time separate with ‘-‘

Example: 09:00-17:00


One Day Access

For one day access, you can directly set the same date between start date and end date and enter the time limit.

Below example is enabling date limit for access only at March 18 2021 between 8:00-12:00 (remember to save and download the save changed to controller)

Multiple Day Access

For multiple day access, the time limit set is from start date time to end date time.

For example setting the date limit for user no. 2 from March 1 to March 31, time limit set is 09:00-17:00. Because it is multiple day access, between the start date and end date there should be combined with timezone access. Example, time zone 1 is a set of timezone for weekday Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri for 08:00-18:00.

That way, User 2 access is:

March 1 (start date) User 2 can access from 09:00 (start time, instead of 08:00 from timezone 1 setting)

March 2 until March 30 User 2 can access according to assigned timezone 1; which is from 08:00-18:00

March 31 (end date) User 2 can access until 17:00 (end time, instead of 18:00 from timezone 1 setting)

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