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High in Demand: SOYAL Face Recognition AR-837-EA

Why choosing AR-837EA?

  1. Component is made of industrial material and completely developed by SOYAL, Made in Taiwan
  2. Dynamic Face Recognition: the sensor recognize a dynamic visual and assess face from multiple angle instead of a static visual, this resulting in Anti-Spoofing Detection feature on AR-837-EA where pictures or photograph is unrecognizable to prevent fraudulence.
  3. High accuracy recognition and faster recognition
  4. Adaptable to various environment: with anti-reflection recognition, despite being covered with reflecting material (glass material), it could still perform its features and be able to assess face. It also built-in a lightning support to enable access in low light environment.

Why choosing face recognition?

Time attendance application or high authorization area where RFID card and PIN is not secure enough for person identification is recommended to use biometric access. During a pandemic situation where contactless and high in security controller is considered as an alternative for access control. With this reason, installation of face recognition is highly favorable compared to the fingerprint controller as it still required direct contact to the sensor area of the fingerprint.

Full Face Access VS Access with Face Mask

There are two requirements for face recognition nowadays: full face access (fully assess all facial characteristic) or access with face mask (partial assessment, only detect eyes and partial nose area).

Access with face mask is suitable for installation that highly strict with face mask access for pandemic control. If installation want to have more secure in user identification, must be fully assess all facial characteristic of a person then choosing full face access is better option.

Security Level setting on 701Server:

Level Low → for recognition with mask

Level Medium/High → for recognition without mask (full face)


Extension Reference of AR-837EA

For 837EA as it has additional UART port for extension features such as temperature module, LED board, voice module, etc.

With temperature module, you can show the temperature of each user when they enroll their face. More advanced features, you can set a person temperature too high will not be granted access and alarming at the same time.

Product information


  Face Recognition Access Controller


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