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XML Command – Remote Open Door

Integration with third party developer for Mobile APP or Software to directly control SOYAL Access Controller through XML protocol can be done via 701 Server TCP-LINK feature that performs as a communication gateway.

Set Controller Output State (green highlight is only an explanation):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> //fixed value of XLM head format//

<SoyalXML> // Head //

<Count>1</Count> // Total user command set //

<Command_0> // Command set number //

<CmdCode >1004</CmdCode > // Command Code (Please Reference JSON Command) //

<Area>0</Area> // Area Code, Default value = 0 //

<StartNode>1</StartNode> // Controller Node ID of this Area //

<StartPp>256</StartPp> // Controller IO Mapping Table //

<State>1</State> // 0: For Off(close door) ; 1: For On(open door) //

<Value>1</Value> // 0: For Latch(default) 1:For Pulse //

</Command_0 > // The last packet data no //

</SoyalXML> // End //



Set controller AR-837-E with Area 0,Node ID 1,set to open door in pulse mode.

Software for testing XML command: Packet Sender

Step 1. Prepare the command in TXT File and choose ‘Load File’ to load the command. The command for this example is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>




<CmdCode >1004</CmdCode >






</Command_0 >


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