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2019 SOYAL E-V5 series WG Port Application Reward

he WG port of Soyal E-V5 series controller is act as the extension of the controller.  When running with 701 Server & 701 Client, it can apply to various field applications widely such as double door control, auto-scheduling, lift control, etc all are one of the special application.  To popularize (spread & introduce) the WG port applications, Soyal organize this event <E-V5 series WG Port Application Reward!> to invite all dear customers for brainstorming on field applications, inspiring innovative ideas, together we gain more opportunities and enhance our competitiveness.


Unlimited time restrictions from the announcement date


【Who to join】

  • Welcome all Soyal customers!
  • Registration via google doc.
  • Welcome more articles (one article one registration, different articles register in different google docs)


【What to join】

Any field application case that using Soyal E-V5 controller’s WG port are welcomed to join.


【How to join】

  • Article requirement
    1. The application name
    2. The environment of field application
    3. Products: all products applied in this case (including full product name, accessories has no product name is fine)
    4. Wiring diagram: the way to sketch is unlimited, clear handwriting is workable.
    5. Description: clear information of how it works in field site, video with text or voice are plus.


【Review principle】

The review criteria are judged by the principle of case application (50%) and the completeness of the overall case description (50%).  After the review, the article will be used in Soyal website.



After the approval from Soyal team, contributor can claim the prize as the following:

(If the materials submitted meet the requirements, the contributor will receive an email notification. If it does not meet the requirements, the material will be disqualified without prior notice).

  • Diamond
    Get 1 Soyal E-V5 controller that the contributor used in the article submitted
  • Golden
    Get each 1 of AR-321H Metal Access Controller with touch-panel and AR-PB5 Stainless Steel Push Button.
  •  Star
    Get 1 of AR-1207 Electric DropBolt series
  • Attendance
    Get 1 AR-PB5 Stainless Steel Push Button


  • Please fill all required data on google doc, any data omit or format inconsistent are not accepted.
  • By submitting the material, contributors agree to give authority for Soyal Technology Co. Ltd. to use the material for various marketing and teaching purposes such as Soyal Youtube channel, official website, PPT, catalogues, brochure, and other marketing advertisement as well.
  • Soyal reserves the right to modify, suspend, terminate or explain this event and its contents.
  • Participants of this event shall declare and warrant that the information provided by them is true and that no third party's information has been fraudulently used or stolen. The legal liability for fraudulent use or misappropriation of any third party's information is vested by the participant. It is self-sustaining and has nothing to do with Soyal.
  • Anyone who completes the registration for this event is deemed to have fully understood the terms of the Measures and is willing to fully comply with the provisions of this event.
  • If there are any outstanding issues in the present Measures, Soyal reserves the right to supplement the amendments. If any changes are made, the announcements on the website of this event shall prevail, without prior notice.
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