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701ServerSQL New Features

In addition of 701ServerSQL feature of Home series (H series) controller parameter setting, the latest version of 701ServerSQL includes H series setting on lift control (enable/disable), Enterprise series active real-time event logs, high body temperature limit, and face data read/write features.

1.Active real-time event logs

When there are dozens of controllers, the traditional polling mode of communicating one by one is poor or lower efficiency; If want to speed up the collection of real-time event logs from each controller, it needs to be changed to each controller to actively send event logs through software setting, in which can receive event logs in real time without delay.

2. Set body temperature limit

Body temperature limit can be set on 701ServerSQL for access controller with temperature module. The limit is set to denied access when user body temperature is too high (exceed limit). For example, Body Temperature Hi set as 37.50 Celsius, if user with body temperature 37.60 Celsius access will be denied.

(Requirement: only available for 837 series with additional temperature module (-T) )

(Note: High temperature alerts function only for personnel with valid access)


3.Read/Write Face data and set security level

Read/write function now available for fingerprint and face data. The operation of how to read/write face data is the same like in fingerprint procedure. When face recognition controller AR-837-EA with enabling user access with face mask, required to set the security level to low.

(Requirement: features only for biometric controller (fingerprint AR-331-EF/837-EF, face 837-EA) )

4.Enabling lift feature for Home Series

Enabling lift feature for Home series (H series) required activation on command 24*002#, with additional 701ServerSQL feature, this procedure can be done via software. By enabling it, controller will work to provide user floor access.

(Requirement: Home series controller wired with AR-321L485-12V to elevator panel AR-401-IO-0016R)

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