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Guide to SOYAL Security Communication (SSC)

About SSC

Not only hardware encryption over RFID tags and controller, SOYAL offer SOYAL Security Communication (SSC) which is a communication encryption for SOYAL devices. It is important for securing data protection, privacy and to prevent from cyber-attack.

SSC is available on SOYAL communication protocol ver. 4.4 with devices firmware ver. 4.4


SSC features:

  1. Import RDN (random variable number): when the communication is encrypted, the starting 4-bytes RDN number can be set. Each time it connects to controller and responding, the starting RDN number will increased (example: set 4 bytes RDN as 11 22 33 44, the next time it will be 11 22 33 45) and keep on changing every time. That way, it is almost no way to directly seize the rules.
  2. Importing Single DES and Triple DES encryption: In addition to RDN number, communication encryption also imports DES/3DES encryption rules. Between both options can be decided by considering which mechanism works best when initializing the security session. The encryption KEY is also set by planner, strengthening the communication security mechanism.


SSC Procedure:

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