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701Server Json Command Application

SOYAL support JSON command that be used for third party platform to integrate with SOYAL access control system. The connected access control devices can be monitored and controlled by sending Json command via SOYAL 701 Server software, in which is recommended to integrate with Visitor management system, Center BMS system and the 3rd party face recognition system and so on.

SOYAL Json commands include: Get Server Information, Get Controller Type and Online Status, Get Remote Terminal Controller IO status, Get Access Controller IO status, Set Remote Terminal Controller IO status, Set Guest Tag UID and Date Time limit and Clear Guest Tag UID and Date Time limit.

Today we should share some application by Json Guest command, the command can send the user data of Card ID , Begin date / time, End date / time, PIN code, Access Mode, available Lift Floor number through 701Server from various 3rd party software to the designated controller.


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  Graphic Display Multi-Function Proximity Controller


 Classic Graphic Display Multi-Function Controller

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