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【Secutech 2022 Pre-Exhibition Event】Limited-Time Event: Redeem Free Gifts for Your Purchase


Event Date: April 1st 2022 – April 30th 2022


Celebrating SOYAL exhibiting in 2022 first domestic exhibition, SOYAL offer free gifts for every order place and paid during the event period. There are total three gifts package to redeem for your order:

(Note: Please apply to SOYAL or inform you that you will participate in this event before placing an order, then the rewards will be provided along with your shipment.)


►Reward Package One

Purchase [1 unit of Enterprise Series Controller AR-837-ER*] FREE [1 unit of new version infrared button AR-101-PBI-L]


►Reward Package Two

Purchase [1 carton (10pcs) of Electric Bolt Lock AR-1207*] FREE [1 unit of new version infrared button AR-101-PBI-L]

*every 1 carton purchase should not mix type, size, and model, example 10pcs of AR-1207A-29.


►Reward Package Three

Purchase [24pcs of Home Series (H Series) Controller**] FREE [1 unit Multi-Protection RS485 Repeater AR-485REP-V3 ]

**specification, model, and color must be the same, example 24pcs of AR-721HBR1121 (125Khz, gray color)


Event Regulations:

  1. The specification, model, type, and color for Reward Package 2 and Reward Package 3 must be the same.
  2. Due to the limited event time, gifts redemption is subject to availability and while stocks last.
  3. Participant of the event acknowledge and accept the relevant regulations of the event. The Company reserves the right to amend, suspend, and terminate information contained in the regulation of the event without prior notification at any time. All information shall be handled in accordance with the relevant announcements of the company; the company reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.
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