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Industry I/O Module Series: AR-727-CM-0804M & AR-401-IO-0808R-U2

Both AR-727-CM-0804M & AR-401-IO-0808R-U2 are Serial Devices Server that support transparent transmission of Ethernet-to-RS485, but there are some functions and feature that each unit provides better solution than the other.
Below is the parameter difference:


AR-727-CM-IO- 0804M


Interface Ethernet10/100 Mbps Base T Ethernet <--> RS485support TCP/Server,TCP/Client, UDP Mode
Serial portRS485 X2 Baud Rate 2400 bps - 115200 bps
(By order: RS232, RS232+RS485) Auto detect
Support TCP/Sever, TCP/Client, UDP Mode
 RS485 X 2, support TCP/Server,TCP/Client, UDP Mode
Baud Rate 4800 bps -115200 bps 4800 bps -115200 bps
Inputs 8 Digital Input8 Digital Input
Outputs4 Digital Output : 1 Relay Output (Form C) 1A/30VDC + 3DO8 Relay Output 
WG port
(Note 1)
DO-1 & DO-2 Output WG 128bits maximum, supporting user defined format,auto add even parity bit and odd parity bit and various format, etc.
PoEPoE option,12W/1A
Isolation NoInput optical isolation 5kV
UART NoYes,1 Unit
HousingPC (incl. DIN TS-35 mount panel)Panel Mounting Base
Suitable For– Sensor or detector monitoring status
– Suitable for small to medium installation that required moderate monitoring status
– Sensor or detector monitoring status and remote control
– Suitable for medium to big installation that required huge amount of monitoring status and remote control over output


Note 1: AR-727-CM-0804M firmware of TCP/IP to Wiegand data transmission firmware upgrade to set it into low speed:

 No.Firmware FunctionFirmware file name
3Standard Firmware-Suitable for low speed Wiegand data transmission device
(Support Modbus TCP To Modbus RTU、Local I/O Support Modbus TCP command、TCP/IP To Wiegand)
APX727i3___V0503 8i4o 220523 WG2m500.STM


Other extended function that supported by both model no. AR-727-CM-0804M & AR-401-IO-0808R-U2 just by procedure of firmware upgrade is as listed below:

 No.Firmware FunctionAR-727-CM-0804M
Firmware file name
Firmware file name
Additional Information
1.Standard Firmware
– As transparent data transmission
– I/O works under SOYAL Protocol (Port 1601) and Modbus Protocol (Port 502)
– Support TCP/IP to Wiegand (DO0 & DO1 as WG0 and WG1) function (this feature only for AR-727-CM-0804M)
APX727i3___V0503 8I4o 220425.STMAPX727i3___V0503 8i8o 220425.STM
2.Active Push Communciation DI Event via TCPAPX727i3___V0503 8I4O 220523 DI_EVENT_XCHG.STMAPX727i3___V0503 8I8O 220523 DI_EVENT_XCHG.STMExample of application in Remote Home Monitoring à here

2.Example in【Remote Home Care Monitoring Polling-Free Auto Update Monitoring Status】application

3.Expandable Daisy-Chained Ethernet I/O over 256 DI and 256 DO that is compatible with standard Modbus and SCADA graphic controlAPX727i3___V0503 8i8o 220225 CH2_SCAN_RCU.STMCH1 as transparent transmission / wire to Modbus device, CH2 as Remote Control Unit (RCU)
More detail à here

3.Example in【Smart Building Monitor system】application

4.Expandable Daisy-Chained Ethernet I/O over 256 DI and 256 DO includes Active Push Communciation DI Event via TCP functionrAPX727i3___V0503 8I4O 220523 RCU_SCAN DI_EVENT_XCHG.STMAPX727i3___V0503 8I8O 220523 RCU_SCAN DI_EVENT_XCHG.STMOption 1 & Option 2 combined
5.Support Fire Alarm Event UDP ModeAPX727i3___V0503 8I4o 220425 UDP FireMessage.STMAPX727i3___V0503 8I8o 220425 UDP FireMessage.STMRefer to Manual

5.Example in【Fire Alarm Auto Release Door Open】application

6.Local DI status open/close is changed and the corresponding Local DO status on/off will be changed at the same time (within one unit).

Edge Type:
APX727i3___V0503 8i8o 220523 DIx_DOx_EDGE.STM

Level Type:
APX727i3___V0503 8i8o 220523 DIx_DOx_LEVEL.STM

6.Example in【Restroom Emergency Alert: 701ClientSQL Graphic Animation Control】application

Edge Type :

6.Example in【Local I/O Linkage Control Application】application

Level Type :

7.Local DI status open/close is changed and the corresponding Remote DO status on/off will be changed at the same time.Level Type:
APX727i3___V0503 8i8o 220523 DIx_DOx_LEVEL_REMOTE.STM
Refer to Manual

7.Example in【Local I/O Linkage Control Application】application

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