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Download User Data Method and Fallback Mode on Control Panel & Access Controller

SOYAL Multi-Door Control Panel provides connection to many controllers through RS485 CH1 and CH2 or/and Wiegand readers WG Port 1 and WG Port 2 for centralized access management, which is convenient for the construction and maintenance of large-scale access control system. While Control Panel wired to access controller through RS485 CH1 and CH2, access controller become RS485 reader

Access Control in 
Distributed System
Access Control in Centralized System
(with Multi-Door Control Panel)
Access Control in Centralized System under Fallback Mode

- Each access controller assess access credential through local database and have fully functioned with door lock, door sensor, alarm, and push button/Wiegand reader

- H & E series both are access controller, under control panel itbecome access reader
- Replacing WIEGAND reader short distance wiring meanwhile RS485 reader provides long distance and able to do encryption for tags and communication (RS485)
- H series user capacity upgrade up to 16000 user from previously only 1000/3000 users

- Carry on normal access control operation using its local database.
- For H series, provide emergency user list to have particular access when connection to control panel is offline.
- Automatically send stored data in local database (event logs) to the main server when reconnected.

Understanding Single Door/Dual Door/Multi-Door à

Downloading User Card Data can be done via several methods:

Method 1. Download all user data at once à 701ClientSQL  Download Data and select ‘User Card’

In 701ClientSQL, select  Download Data > Select Area and

tick the box of Node ID 1 and 2 > and select User Data


Method 2. Download single user data à 701ClientSQL  User Card Edit > select User Num >  Download This Card to Controllers

In 701ClientSQL, GO to  User Card Edit

If you are on User Num 1 and by selecting ‘Download This Card to 
Controllers’ indicate to download User Num 1 data to all of access 
controller ticked on Download Data (from Method 1. Clicking it 
means download to node ID 1 and 2)



Method 3. Read/Write user data in range à Go to  User Card Edit > Tools Box > Read/Write to Cxx


This method is the only method to ensure Fallback Mode is actively in use for emergency user list. When downloading user data it is required in 701ClientSQL to download user data not only to control panel but also to access controller under control panel.

LAN = Area (range Area00-Area15)
Controller = Select controller node ID
Direct wiring; select 1
Wiring under control panel; reader ID means sub-node ID.

Access Range
Write=to write data saved on the computer to access controller
Read=to read data saved on the controller to show on the software.
Note: by selecting Read, your existing data will be overwrite by data 
from the controller. Back-up is required before taking this action to 
prevent lost data.

Controller Type
1.  829EV3/716EV3/881E/725Ev2/829Ev5/837E
E series controller
And multi door control panel AR-716-E18/AR-716-E16 (download to 

2.  3xx/7xx/8xx/H/E serial under 7xxE (Door Group)
E or H series under multi-door controller sorting out door group 
(download to RS485 CH1/CH2, to slave)

This option is only download to specified unit of door group that has 
been assigned in the User Card Edit.
Example User 11 has been assigned with Door Group 3, selecting this 
option will only download user data to controller listed on Door Group 3.

3.  3xx/7xx/8xx/H/E serial under 7xxE
E or H Series under multi-door controller (download to RS485 
CH1/CH2, to slave)

4.  3xx/7xx/8xx/H/E serial under P
H Series controller 

Example when you have control panel AR-716-E16 + controller AR-721H wiring beneath it

No. 1 and 4 is downloading to the master controller. If you are downloading to control panel AR-716-E16 (for example) then you select option 1.

No. 2 and 3 is downloading to the slave in CH1 and CH2, in your case if you want to download to AR-721H (for example) you select either option 2 or 3. The difference is: option 2 consider the sorting out door group if any, meanwhile option 3 doesn’t.

  • When connection between AR-721H + AR-716-E16 is connected, database check is conducted on AR-716-E16 as master
  • When connection between AR-721H + AR-716-E16 are NOT connected, database check is conducted on AR-721-Has the connection being cut and it returns to its controller status. That means if you download the user data to both AR-716-E16 and AR-721-H, the card can still be in use during the disconnection (advantage of Fallback mode for emergency user list). But you need to note that H series only limited to 1000 and 3000 user capacity (user capacity of AR-721-H is 1000), meanwhile control panel has 16.000 users that way only the first 1000/3000 (depend on the controller) can be used as emergency user list to still have access during disconnection.
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