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📢【 7/27 Buy 727 Get 101 】Sales Campaign Started !!

101 hours limited event starting from 2022/07/27 to 2022/08/01, applies on participating in this event before placing an order can enjoy:


BUY one [Serial-to-Ethernet Server AR-727-CM] at the listed price, immediately get FREE one [Touch-less Infrared Sensor Push Button (Anti-Interference) AR-101-PBI-L*]

*not include stainless steel mounting panel


Free to choose additional discount plans with the following package:

  ►Add USD 3Upgrade to “Fire Alarm Auto Release Door Open” function  
With additional USD 3 directly upgrade from [AR-727-CM] to [AR-727-CM-IO-0804M], adding the Fire Alarm Auto Release Door Open, Union Control Board over decentralized I/O Module, and support Modbus/TCP & Modbus/RTU over TCP

  ►Add USD 1 Additional mounting panel  
Only need to add USD 1, you can additionally purchase [Stainless Steel Mounting Plate DMET-101PJ] that you can choose one between three dimensions US Slim Type, US Rectangle Type, and EU Square Type.

There is no limitation to the quantity of products purchase. Place your order while event is still on going and enjoy the promo!



SOYAL welcome you to participate on【 7/27 Buy 727 Get 101 】event to get high value with the package we offer. At the same time you do not need to replace any equipment onsite, directly upgrade the existing AR-321-CM to AR-727-CM or AR-727-CM-IO-0804M with a small price difference.

Controller Networking Diagram:


  Serial-to-Ethernet Server / Modbus RTU over TCP      AR-727-CM  


AR-727-CM support TCP/IP to RS485 conversion within two channel port, at the same time easy to do parameter setting through any browser via HTTP Server feature.
Complete Introduction of AR-727-CM


  Serial-to-Ethernet Server / Modbus Gateway with I/O     AR-727-CM-IO-0804M 


AR-727-CM-IO-0804M not only fully includes all of AR-727-CM function, but also adding functions of Fire Alarm Auto Release Door Open when fire event occurred and Union Control Board over decentralized I/O Module feature which is compatible with standard Modbus and SCADA graphic control, making cross-platform integration with third party system easier.
Complete Introduction of AR-727-CM-IO-0804M


  Touch-less Infrared Sensor Push Button (Anti-Interference)    AR-101-PBI-L  


In addition to recent epidemic situation becoming more and more serious and spread out, we need to become more aware and pay attention to environmental hygiene and safety. SOYAL’s latest release of Touch-less Infrared Sensor Push Button (Anti-Interference) AR-101-PBI-L, release button automatically and contactless within a tip of your finger.
Complete Introduction of AR-101-PBI-L



Event Term and Conditions:

  1. The gift of this event can be accumulated and quantity is not limited.
  2. Participant of the event acknowledge and accept the relevant regulations of the event. The Company reserves the right to amend, suspend, and terminate information contained in the regulation of the event without prior notification at any time. All information shall be handled in accordance with the relevant announcements of the company; the company reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.
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