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Crowd Control Management – People Counting Solution

SOYAL People Counting Solution enabling count and analyze the number of people entering the designated detection area.  When people entering the control area, infrared sensor will detect people then add on the number of people in te system and to be shown on LED dislay; when people going out, infrared sensor will also detect people then substract the number of people in the system and to be shown on LED display.  When the number of people inside the area is greater than the specifid nmber of people for example 10, alarm will be triggered.

This solution is best suited to the area where neede people flow control, such as anti-epidemic measures in public area, restriction area in factory, musem, concert, hospital, department store, shopping mall, etc.  Below is the structure showing how it works.

Product information

 16 Doors IP Control Panel



   Universal I/O Module


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