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Touchless Anti-Pandemic Lift Control All civilians deserve a safe way to take elevator

According to some researches, lift push button is a possible route of virus transmission. Soyal’ s touchless anti-pandemic lift control solution will bring you with a much safer way to take the elevator.

On lift control panel, all floor push buttons are replaced by mini RFID controllers (AR-101-H). Passengers swipe the RFID tags on the destination “RFID controller”. Passengers only can arrive the floor which they are permitted to go to because each mini RFID controller can verify validity of tag and work standalone. Adding/deleting tag can be done easily by Master Card.

Open/close, lift call buttons and ground/public floor push buttons are replaced by Infrared Buttons (AR-101-PBI). RFID tag is not required. Sensing distance of AR-101-PBI is 2-3cm, and it is specially designed for lift.

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