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AR-TAGT Specifications

FrequencyUltra High Frequency
Compatible StandardISO 18000-6B
Supported TagsEPC UHF Class 1
Gen 2
Identifiers96bit(Thin Card ) / 128bit(Label Sticker )
Printing Card FormatTID,EPC

TID: Read Only
EPC : Read and Write

Tags Selection

Thin Card : AR-TAGCI8W50F

Label Sticker : AR-TAGT99WO1F

Dimension (mm)

Thin Card : 54(H)X85.5(W)X0.8(D)

Label Sticker : 100(H)X25(W)x0.1(D)


File NameVersionUpdated DateDownload
Full Catalogue
v2101132021-07-30 Download
Full Catalogue


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How to Order

How to Order

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