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Cloud-based Time Attendance Software

◎Clock in anywhere through mobile or PC
◎Supports 3 access levels : (Administrator, Head of Department, Employee) depending on which the user has access and the ability to intervene, indifferent -each time- settings
◎Compatible with SOYAL 701Server and 701Client working at the same time
◎Customized timetable and complete vacations management

Contact TimeToWork : | | +30 210 220 9558

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The TimeAttendance Application System
that your Company Needs




What is Timetowork?


TimeToWork is an innovative, multilanguage, Cloud Time Attendance application that, in cooperation with SOYAL Access Systems,
gives the opportunity to get complete information about the exact amount of working hours of your employees.

It also provides you with non-working day management information (eg holidays, vacations) as well as a complete staff file.

It supports 3 access levels : (Administrator, Head of Department, Employee) depending on which the user has access
and the ability to intervene, indifferent -each time- settings.

The TimeAttendance software is managed through the cloud, so you can access your employees’ statistics from any place – any time.

Through its advanced algorithm, you are provided with complete information about the time of entry and exit,
in any period you wish (e.g., weekly, monthly, annual, etc.). You can export these data to :

a physical printer   |   a pdf file   |   compatible file type, to make a bridge with a Payroll program


Innovative Timetowork application and reliable Soyal devices, will certainly help you have a direct, сlear and complete picture,
whether all of your employees , stick to their time shifts.


Easy to use


Very easy for end-user, with a multilanguage Management Menu, it will not be difficult at all, either in the configuration or in its use.
With the reliability of SOYAL access systems, TimeToWork is the time and attendance program you want to have in your business.

The TimeToWork application works in a cloud environment and you can watch the event logs from wherever you are.
All the card readers of your working space and all the mobiles that have access to the system are all connected with each other.



Access to TimeToWork App data from where ever you are


Using a card
The traditional way of timing is assigning one card per employee and instructing him/her to use it while coming into or
leaving his/her office. This method can only be used when the employee is at his actual workspace and can be tricked with buddy punching.

Using a QR code
The next most modern way to clock in, instead of the use of classic RF cards is to create QR code cards.
With the ability to store them even on the employee’s mobile phone, they allow you to control the timing of your employees at a lower operating cost.

Using a fingerprint

The most accurate way of timing is with the help of biometrics. The fingerprint method prevents buddy punching, where one employee clocks in for another.

Note that new readers of SOYAL have an innovative system for securing personal data, as they do not store the fingerprint itself,
but create a unique security code, per user, in their database. In this way,
they can be used in countries where the law about the use of personal data is strict, like Greece for example.

Using a mobile device or a laptop

Due to business needs, in the age of remote work and to the recent health crisis of Covid19,
we created a solution for those who need to remotely clock in and clock out, from their Timeshift.

After getting permission from the Director or a Manager,
approved Employees can use their mobile phones to clock in and out or even to take a break during their shift.



Custom Timetable


Through the weekly work schedule, you can choose whether you want the employee to have

Working hours between possible hours that he has pre-selected every day.

► Day off
► Days off due to accumulated overtime
► Vacations (displayed automatically once approved)



Complete vacations management


Manage your employees’ vacations with complete control of its dates, durations and reasons.

► Support for all known causes of absence
► Managment of vacations with possibility of revocation
► Vacation history
► Possibility to register a short absence
► Vacation registration with or without pay
► Displaying a photo of an employee to avoid mistakes


Contact TimeToWork :  |  |  +30 210 220 9558


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