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Cabinet Lock


A perfect design for cabinets having either swing or sliding door, can be surface mounted either vertically or horizontally and offers maximum flexibility for ease of installation.

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AR-1213P Features


  • The lock body is made of metal, which is strong and beautiful, safe and durable.
  • It has both unlocking and unlocking door position detection signals, and the cabinet door automatically pops up.
  • Power: 24W
  • DC resistance: 6Ω±10
  • Working cycle: 10% power on
  • Insulation class: Class B
  • Support manual emergency unlocking (please reserve an emergency unlocking position when installing)


Cabinet Lock AR-1213P

Working Current2A
Power Consumption24W
Duty Cycle10% (Power-on time for unlocking is 0.2 secs and power-off time is 1.8 secs)
Cycle Time500,000 times
Yield Strength約65 N/mm2(7KG/mm2)
Pin Length (mm)20
Dimension (mm)73(H)x14(W)x67(D)
Weight (g)approx. 185

-20℃ ~ +55℃

Datasheet / Manual

File NameVersionUpdated DateDownload
Full Catalogue
v2308082023-08-08 Download
AR-1213P Manual
V2307142023-07-14 Download
Full Catalogue
AR-1213P Manual


File Name
1213P Electric Cabinet Lock

How to Order


Since established in 1993, SOYAL Technology has been adopting the distribution policy of sales and after-sales service. Due to all SOYAL products are produced with high industrial-grade components, the users can use our products for more than 10 years, in which indicates SOYAL provides a reliable security system with trusted and long-term companionship.
In order to ensure long-term and high-quality after-sale services and maintenance, it is very important to carefully select distributors who can provide good installation and service.
We would advise the customers to take after-sales service as the main consideration before purchasing to avoid any doubts about installation and after-sales service.
In addition to physical distributors, SOYAL also made a variety of online teaching videos and Q&A to help customers quickly find answers as like 24 / 7 services. You are welcome to subscribe our training channel.


After Sales Service

SOYAL offer Standard Warranty and SOYAL Extended Warranty Program that can be listed below:

1. Standard Warranty is 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects is guaranteed since the date of shipment under the circumstances of non-natural disaster, damage, non- deliberate damage by people.

2. Extended Warranty Program is extended program of Standard Warranty to prolong the Warranty period in which divided into two different plans.

Plan 1. Directly Add Purchase

Purchase Extended Warranty by the time product is purchased.

Plan 2. Purchase Before Warranty Expires

Purchase the Extended Warranty before the original 12 months warranty expires. If you did not purchase the Extended Warranty when you purchase the product, you can enjoy an opportunity to purchase an extended warranty before the 12 months warranty expires.



Please refer to the following price list for the additional purchase fee required for the Extended Warranty of the two plans:

Extended Warranty Price List

Extendend WarrantyPlan 1. Directly Add PurchasePlan 2. Purchase Before Warranty Expires
Extended to 2  years warranty10% of the Unit Price15% of the Unit Price
Extended to 3  years warranty20% of the Unit Price25% of the Unit Price
Extended to 4  years warranty35% of the Unit Price40% of the Unit Price
Extended to 5  years warranty50% of the Unit Price55% of the Unit Price
Extended to 6  years warranty65% of the Unit Price70% of the Unit Price
Extended to 7  years warranty80% of the Unit Price85% of the Unit Price
Extended to 8  years warranty95% of the Unit Price105% of the Unit Price
Extended to 9  years warranty115% of the Unit Price125% of the Unit Price
Extended to 10  years warranty135% of the Unit Price145% of the Unit Price


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