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[ WEB PLC ] Cleanroom with Five Rooms and Interlocking Multi Doors


A. There are five rooms, with a total of eight interlocking doors in this case. If one door of Room1-5 is opened, all other doors in that room will be locked. As an illustration, when door B is open, doors A, C, and D will be closed.

B. In Rooms 1-5 and relevant places, there are a total of 8 emergency buttons. Pressing each of  emergency button will unlock all connected doors of that room for 60 seconds.

C. All emergency buttons will trigger the same alarm for 60 seconds.


Contact Description:

*Text in red indicates AR-401-IO1608 expansion contacts.

*Text in blue indicates firmware configuration points. Installers, please ignore.

AR-401-IO-0808R / *AR-401-IO1608 Contacts
DIX0Emergency Button 1DOY0Electric Lock A
DIX1Door Sensor ADOY1Electric Lock B
DIX2Emergency Button 2DOY2Electric Lock C
DIX3Door Sensor BDOY3Electric Lock D
DIX4Emergency Button 3DOY4Electric Lock E
DIX5Door Sensor CDOY5Electric Lock F
DIX6Emergency Button 4DOY6Electric Lock G
DIX7Door Sensor DDOY7Electric Lock H
DIX0 (DIX16)Emergency Button 5DOY0 (DOY16)Alarm Output
(For all of Emergency Buttons)
DIX1 (DIX17)Door Sensor E
DIX2 (DIX18)Emergency Button 6  
DIX3 (DIX19)Door Sensor F  
DIX4 (DIX20)Emergency Button 7  
DIX5 (DIX21)Door Sensor G  
DIX6 (DIX22)Emergency Button 8  
DIX7 (DIX23)Door Sensor H  


Door Sensor Trigger Table

DI (Door Open)DO (Door Locked)ContactsRelay
Door A (DIX1)Door BDOY1K2
Door B (DIX3)Door A C DDOY0 DOY2 DOY3K1 K3 K4
Door C (DIX5)Door B D EDOY1 DOY3 DOY4K2 K4 K5
Door D (DIX7)Door B C FDOY1 DOY2 DOY5K2 K3 K6
Door E (DIX1) (DIX17)Door C F G HDOY2 DOY5 DOY6 DOY7K3 K6 K7 K8
Door F (DIX3) (DIX19)Door D E G HDOY3 DOY4 DOY6 DOY7K4 K5 K7 K8
Door G (DIX5) (DIX21)Door E F HDOY4 DOY5 DOY7K5 K6 K8
Door H (DIX7) (DIX23)Door E F GDOY4 DOY5 DOY6K5 K6 K7


Emergency Button Trigger Table

Emergency Button 1 (DIX0)DOY0 (DOY16)K1Central Alarm with 60 secondsUnlock Door A
Emergency Button 2 (DIX2)DOY0 (DOY16)K1Central Alarm with 60 secondsUnlock Door A B
Emergency Button 3 (DIX4)DOY0 (DOY16)K1Central Alarm with 60 secondsUnlock Door  B C D
Emergency Button 4 (DIX6)DOY0 (DOY16)K1Central Alarm with 60 secondsUnlock Door  C E
Emergency Button 5 (DIX0) (DI16)DOY0 (DOY16)K1Central Alarm with 60 secondsUnlock Door E F G H
Emergency Button 6 (DIX2) (DI18)DOY0 (DOY16)K1Central Alarm with 60 secondsUnlock Door D F
Emergency Button 7 (DIX4) (DI20)DOY0 (DOY16)K1Central Alarm with 60 secondsUnlock Door  G
Emergency Button 8 (DIX6) (DI22)DOY0 (DOY16)K1Central Alarm with 60 secondsUnlock Door H


WEB Setting:

Ladder Programming:

  • X0/X1/…/Xn represent actual input DIX0/DIX1/…/DIXn
  • Y0/Y1/…/Yn represent actual output DOY0/DOY1/…/DOYn
  • M0/M1/…/Mn represent virtual output DOM0/DOM1/…/DOMn


701ClientSQL Graphic Animation:

*The scenario described involves the opening of door B by personnel, followed by the locking of doors A, C, and D. At this point, the individual presses the emergency button in Room 2. Subsequently, doors B, C, and D are unlocked, and the central alarm is triggered.



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