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Sammi / Jason / Aiden / Cindy Sammi / Jason / Aiden / Cindy
Training Course(Taipei)
Class time
March 16, 2024 (Saturday) 09:00-16:00
Sammi / Jason / Aiden / Cindy
Class Location
New Taipei City Labor Activity Center (Wugu Industrial Zone)
Training Course Status
The registration is closed
Course Description



Course Introduction :

TimeCourse IntroductionCourse Outline
Morning1.New Version 701ServerSQL Software Connection Setup Tutorial
  • Introduction to the Functions of the New Version 10vX 701ServerSQL Software / Comparison with the Old Versions 9vX and 8vX
  • Three Installation Modes for 10vX SQL Software / Key Points to Note
  • Introduction to the Multi-Zone Architecture of 10vX Software, Relationship and Usage of Zones, Station Numbers, and Door Numbers
  • Introduction to the Connection Architecture of SOYAL Series Products
  • Overview of the Full-Featured Partition Interface of 701Server Software
  • Seven Connection Architectures of 701ServerSQL
  • Example of Setting up Equipment Connection to 701Server
2. Introduction and Examples of Programmable Logic Controller WEB PLC
  • Introduction to SOYAL IO Series Products
  • In-depth understanding of the functions and application projects achievable with WEB PLC
  • Understanding how various conditional expressions are configured
  • Hands-on setting tutorial with practical case references
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Lunch Break Time  12:00~13:00

3. Lift Control/QR Code/BLE Integrated Application Solution

  • 701ClientSQL Floor Editing Operation Process 10v4 VS 10v5 Version Operation Setting Differences
  • Utilizing Lift Control for automatic scheduling, opening specified floors, and remote control of elevator buttons
  • Elevator floor support for three fire alarm firefighting modes
  • Smart Access Control Bluetooth (BLE) Management Solution
  • Setting up the Mail Server to enable the sending function
  • Third-party heterogeneous integration

4. 701ClientSQL Graphic Control Settings Tutorial and Examples

  • Introduction and Application of Graphic Control Functions
  • I/O Smart Building Environmental Control Case Studies (Fire Alarm, Escape Door Status, Lighting, Water Level Detection)
  • Access Control Examples (Door Position Detection, Remote Door Opening, Enabling Contact Alarms)
  • Elevator Remote Control Examples
  • Floor Plan Layer Switching Function & Call Editing Dialog
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Course Location :

New Taipei City Labor Activity Center (Wugu Industrial Zone)


Registery fee :

NT$3000/person (can be used as shopping credit)

Shopping Voucher Redemption Method: Any purchase of SOYAL products made within one month after the course starts (after 2024/03/16) is eligible for using shopping vouchers to offset the expenses.


[Exclusive for Trainees] Upgrade project for one hundred dollars when upgrading together.

Receive the Quick Installation Waterproof Upgrade AR-725-ED at the price of AR-725-HD. (For more details, please contact the sales department of SOYAL.)

Product Name

Illuminated Backlight Touch Keypad Controller


Illuminated Touch Keypad Multi-Function Controller


Product Page LinkAR-725-H product introductionAR-725-E product introduction
The registration is closed
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