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Car-Parking Solution

SOYAL provide various Car-Parking solution that is recommended in Community or Building Parking.

Solution1: Single Verification of LPR Recognition- Integrated SOYAL TCP/IP to WG Converter AR-727-CM and IP based LPR Camera; configure a license plate number to a specific Wiegand ID number , then send the Wiegand ID number through TCP/IP to WG Converter AR-727-CM to Wiegand output signal (Data 0, Data 1) to SOYAL Controller for vehicle access.

Solution2: Single Verification of A-Tag – Use SOYAL UHF Reader AR-661-UG actively read E-tag number and then send to SOYAL Controller for vehicle access.

Solution3 Double Verification of LPR and E-TagSOYAL 2-Door WG control panel AR-716-E02 can support to connect both LPR recognition system and UHF reader; thrgouth configuring the vehicle on 701software to get granted by both license plate recognition and E-tag recognition, Double verification can avoid accidental opening of the gates of the same vehicle with different card numbers,in which greatly improving management efficiency and safety.

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