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Smart Direction Recognition for Parking Lot Solution AR-403-IO-0404M

Integrated with IR or induction coil, I/O module AR-403-IO-0404M built-in programmed feature of RF/FF falling (front vehicles recognition) and RF/FF rising (rear vehicles recognition) to determine accuracy of when the barrier will be open/close by detecting the vehicles position or to give siren output or LED for other driver to be aware of another vehicles that could minimize accident.

Why You Need Direction Recognition AR-403-IO-0404M?

  1. Cost effective, one unit support two set of recognition (DI0-DI1 & DI2-DI3)
  2. Multi-function, can be set into front recognition or rear recognition anytime just by changing the setting

Programmed Setting of AR-403-IO-0404M for Direction Recognition

AR-403-IO-0404M series built-in 4 different feature to choose and can be set via Commview according to different installation: standard, mailbox (for AR-837-E control 64 mailboxes), delay M-0 (multi-function delay output), FF/RF falling, and FF/RF rising.

1.FF/RF falling setting is for Front Recognition

Programmed setting:

DI0 – DI1DO0
DI2 – DI3DO2

2. FF/RF rising setting is for Rear Recognition

Programmed setting:

DI0 – DI1DO0
DI2 – DI3DO2

3.Determine to Set as Front Recognition or Rear Recognition

A .Front Recognition:

Vehicles ActionDistance to barrierIOOutput
EnteringShortDIO – DI1 àDO0Open Barrier
PassingLong (estimated a distance of a vehicle)DI2 – DI3 àDO2Close Barrier

B. Rear Recognition:

Vehicles ActionDistance to barrierIOOutput
EnteringLong (estimated a distance of a vehicle)DIO – DI1 à DO0Open Barrier
PassingShortDI2 – DI3àDO2Close Barrier



Setting up AR-403-IO-0404M on Commview

Step 1: Select Node ID (default value 1)

Step 2: Select Read

Step3: Select either FF/RF falling or FF/RF rising

Step 4: Select Write to save changes


Product information




  Stlylish Multi-Ch Digital I/O Module
  AR-403 Series      

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