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SOYAL Relay Output Module Series AR-721RB, AR-821RB, AR-829RB

Do you need relay output module for your SOYAL controller?

All of SOYAL access controller built-in one unit relay output (except AR-723-H and old version AR-101-H) for door lock control.

Meanwhile for AR-757-H and Enterprise Series (E Series) Controller with LCD built-in two relay on board for door lock and alarm.

That means, if you purchase AR-721-H and would like to wire alarm terminal to siren then you need to add external relay output module.


For IO module series such as AR-727-CM and AR-403 series there is no relay output module so it is required to add additional relay output module to trigger the output devices such as lock, siren, buzzer, etc.



SOYAL Relay Output Module Series

SOYAL provides three types of Relay Output Module AR-721RB, AR-821RB, AR-829RB

The differentiation can be seen on table below:

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