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TimeToWork: Partners Software Solution of Cloud-based Time Attendance Software

TimeToWork is cloud-based time attendance software developed by SOYAL partners as a solution to Time Attendance system that fully integrated with SOYAL Access Control System 701ServerSQL and 701ClientSQL working at the same time.

Cloud-based solutions allow you to access your employees’ statistics from any place – any time and clock in anywhere through wide access credential options from card, QRCode, fingerprint, PIN code or remotely clock-in from PC or mobile.

Supports 3 access levels of Administrator, Head of Department, and Employee in which depending on which the user has access and the ability to intervene, indifferent -each time- settings.

Easy to set-up custom timetable of pre-selected day for day off, day off due to accumulated overtime, and complete vacations management that will allow you to see vacation history, possibility to register short absence, vacation registration with or without pay and displaying employee photo to avoid mistakes.

Through its advanced algorithm, you are provided with complete information about the time of entry and exit, in any period you wish (e.g., weekly, monthly, annual, etc.) in form of hard copy print through a physical printer, a pdf file, or a compatible file type to make a bridge with a Payroll program.





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Contact TimeToWork: | | +30 210 220 9558

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