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Unlock Lift Door by Fire Alarm

Two solutions to automatically unlock lift door by fire alarm

If lift is installed an access controller, it will influence emergency rescue and hinder fire escape. To avoid this situation, here are two solutions to automatically unlock lift door by fire alarm. Lift door can be also unlocked manually.

Solution 1:

Under AR-727CM-IO, the lift access controller supports connection to Fire Alarm. With special firmware, in normal situation, when users swipe RFID tags, the controller’ s relay doesn’t act. It only acts once receiving fire alarm signal. Relay is controlled by fire alarm signal instead of valid tags.

This function is available at the firmwares:

725E-V2:APS725Ev2__V0403_200415 ACCESS_DONT_OPEN_DOOR.STM


Solution 2:

With AR-716E (multi-door control panel), have it connect to Fire Alarm System and lift system. Once a fire, Fire Alarm System will trigger DI1 of AR-716E to unlock all doors connected to controllers, but it cannot unlock the lift door. To avoid this situation, add one more access controller under AR-716E as the following example:

Add one AR-723-H. Positive charge of AR-401-RO16 (lift control panel) connects to power, and negative charge connects to NC contact of AR-723-H. COM contact connects to ground.

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