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Hotsec Software

◎Unlimited number of Soyal doors can be managed in one system
◎Vector graphical building plans (DWG) to display door locations
◎SQL based client-server software architecture
◎Time&Attendance reporting

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Hotsec Software



Software Feature?

  • Unlimited number of Soyal doors can be managed in one system
  • Vector graphical building plans (DWG) to display door locations
  • SQL based client-server software architecture
  • Time&Attendance reporting
  • Users at site monitoring with automated report printing in case of fire alarm
  • Full Desfire card programming and printing management, including reader programming
  • Integration with RTSP cameras/NVRs
  • Integration with various burglary alarm systems
  • Full users and user group management
  • Door control (remote open, close, set unlock schedule)
  • Door status (open, close, armed, disarmed etc) display on plans
  • Access log
  • Open database for various integrations
  • Hotsec software is available in variable languages including English, Latvian, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Estonian. There is language file available to be translated.


What is Hotsec?


Hotsec provides possibility to connect unlimited number of Soyal doors over TCP/IP into one management software.

Doors can be in a same building or worldwide locations connected together over the Internet.

In Hotsec it is possible to handle user rights and get all the events from Soyal controllers.

User rights management for Soyal doors is made very easy for the end-user.

No specific knowledge needed for the user rights assignment – just assign pre-defined groups to the users.

Door group formation is also very easy – just drag necessary doors into group.

Like with core module Soyal access control doors can be visualized on the graphical building plans.

It is also possible to control (open, close, lock) the doors directly on the building plans.


For clear overview of system status the door states (offline, open by schedule, closed, open, alarm, locked) are represented with easy to understand icons.




Soyal together with Hotsec provides access control system


►reliable client-server architecture of the system

►up to 15000 users per TCP/IP channel, unlimited number of users within the Hotsec - various access levels with different time schedules for each door

quick response time when presenting the card to the reader

elevator (locker etc.) control levels where one reader can control multiple outputs

►various integration possibilities with other systems based on the Hotsec SQL database

Our latest development is the implementation of Desfire standard using Soyal hardware and Hotsec software.

It is possible to load Desfire keys to the Soyal readers directly from Hotsec software. Desfire has a very strong 3DES security which makes card copying impossible without knowing the right keys.

It is also possible to use NFC SIM cards based on Desfire or Mifare standard with Soyal hardware and Hotsec software. Now it is possible to use your smartphone as a access card to open doors.



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