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H03117004-ENHow to set up free access of specific floors when using Floor Control Panel AR-401-IO-0016R?2022-12-29 See more
S00306010-ENHow to utilize door group function to restrict access of specified doors during national holidays?2022-12-22 See more
H02607001-ENHow to setup biometric controller of AR-837EF/AR-837EA as weigand reader and enable Anti-Pass back function?2022-11-08 See more
S00305053-ENHow to solve the issue that “Communication error while downloaded” dialogue shown up when downloading cards?2022-11-23 See more
I005032-ENHow to update the firmware of SOYAL controller and other products?2022-11-25 See more
S00312015-ENWhy month report didn’t display daily access record of assigned interval?2022-12-09 See more
S00305055-ENHow to synchronize the card format on the LCD screen of controller and the record on 701ClientSQL?2022-12-09 See more
I005034-ENHow to modify the access PIN of SOYAL H/E series controllers?2022-12-26 See more
I005033-ENHow to suspend the access control of controller? How to set up “Auto Open Zone” and “Door Open for any Tag”?2022-12-26 See more
S00311004-ENHow to modify the late status in daily report after modifying the flex time of attendance group?2021-01-12 See more
S003150083-ENWhy lift control panel AR-401-IO-0016R has non-response? The precaution of replacing a controller of elevator.2022-11-28 See more
S00206018-ENSolve 701ServerSQL maintain logged in status when Windows Server / Win10 / Win11 auto restart2021-09-29 See more
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