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NumberQuestion titleRelease dateSee more
H01317003-ENComparison Chart of Driver Versions of AR-321CM Chip and Operation System2021-12-13 See more
H03506003When the card reader is dismantled or damaged, various methods of securely notifying the central control center are comp2023-11-20 See more
S00311012-ENHow to set up the basic configuration of Time Attendance of 701ClientSQL, including instruction of Day Shift.2023-11-16 See more
S00206018-ENSolve 701ServerSQL maintain logged in status when Windows Server / Win10 / Win11 auto restart2021-09-29 See more
S00303025-ENThe introduction of flexible working hours of time attendance. How to modify late status that had been recorded?2023-10-12 See more
I005035-ENModel Identification Method for SOYAL Card Readers, How to Determine Card Reading Frequencies of Card Readers?2023-08-30 See more
S00315055-ENDisplaying garbled characters in 701 Client after Win10 update?2021-01-21 See more
S00315080-ENHow to set up parking space sharing mode? How to keep specified parking space for the manager?2022-09-21 See more
I005034-ENHow to modify the access PIN of SOYAL H/E series controllers?2022-12-26 See more
S00206016_ENHow to improve the response speed of card machine messages and how to connect to a dynamic IP device.2021-07-20 See more
H03217004-ENHow to Use the Timed Alarm Function in the Enterprise Edition (E Series) for Shift Change Reminders2021-01-12 See more
S00302001-ENController is online in 701ServerSQL, but 701ClientSQL has no transaction log?2022-08-12 See more
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