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How to automatically export daily transaction report?
No. S00310005-EN

Serial NO.: S00310005-EN

Date of Editing: 2012-08-30


►  Required/Applied Condition:  701Client
►  Function: 701client support automatically and timely export daily transaction report with changeable data order format that the customer want or other software can accept, so that the customer can link daily transaction report with their own database of HR software for further attendance management
►  Problem Description:  
►  Problem Solving:
Click “Tools” ----> “Time Attendance Export Format”, the figure of Time Attendance Format Define” will pop-up

Step1 The system provide three kinds of auto-transfer option for your choice
A.    Run Time Transfer
Once this item is chose, when someone flash card to reader and 701client get the new transaction, the system will automatically and immediately transfer this transaction record into message report .txt text file.
B.    Daily Transfer at
Once this item is chose and enters the clock ;.for the example we enter four o’clock, when it is 04:00 o’clock every day ,the system will automatically create one daily message report with .txt format in which is included all transaction record after 4:01 am yesterday and before 4:00 am today into message report .txt text file.

C.    Repeat Transfer
Once this item is chose and enters the interval time
For the example, we enter “00:10” that mean the system will auto update the message report at each interval 10 minutes
Note (very important):
1.    Option A“Run Time Transfer” can be used alone , but Option A“Run Time Transfer” and Option B” Daily Transfer at” can not be used together
2.    Option B“Daily Transfer at” can be used alone and also can used with Option C” Repeat Transfer” together
3.    Option C “ Repeat Transfer” can not used alone
4.    It is recommended to keep PC and software open for the whole day,  especially at the time “Daily Transfer at ” you have set; If PC and software is closed, 701client will not be able to automatically export message report.
Simple Summing-up chart:

Step2 Fixed Out Pathname: tick the item, select the pathname in which you will save message report , Default path C:\Program Files\701 Client, if you want to change save path, please select the path as desired, here we change new path “D:\Daily Message Report”

Step3 Fixed Output Filename: Tick the item, to set message report name format, we suggest input “YYMMDD”TXT

Step4 Select other item order as you want

Other Setting you can see on “Time Attendance Format Define” window such as Data format ,Time format , Enclose Symbol to Items and etc can be set as you desire ,there will neglect it and keep default setting.

Finally click “Save Parameter Setting” and Exit
After all setting finished,the message report will be auto export .txt to path you selected “D:\Daily Message Report” as your auto-transfer option

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