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How to translate 701server/client from English to different language?
No. S00201017-EN

Serial NO.: S00201017-EN

Date of Editing: 2010-03-04


■ Required/Applied Condition: 701Server/Client
■ Function: Translate 701Server/Client to other language
■ Problem Description:
■ Problem Solving:
Here show you one example how to translate resource code from English to Macedonian.
1. Click twice file “Chinese_tw.sln” and run it through Microsoft Visual Studio

2. Translate all content in Dialog/Menu/String Table folder into Macedonian.
   When finished all translation, Click “Bulid” on main menu, then click twice “Rebulid Solution”

3. There will create a named “release folder” , find file “English.dll ” then rename it into “Macedonian.dll”

4. Copy “Macedonian.dll” under Path : C:\Program Files\701Client\Language

5. Enter Regedit, add a string value “Macedonian.dll” names language under path: HKEY_CURRRENT_User/ Software/ SOYAL/701Client/Files folder.


How to change the text of Toolbar icon?
1.    Execute the .sln file as I mentioned before.
2.    Click the “Toolbar” and then select “IDR_MAINFRAME”
3.    Click the icon you want to revise

4. Click “Image” and select “Tools” and then select “Color Selection Tool”

5. Click the “Colors” to select the color. See below picture

6. You could clear the words on the icon first

7. And then select “Text Tool”

8. Then you could enter any words you want.

9. After revising, please create the .dll file to us.

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